Winter Skincare & Beauty Solutions

Winter temperatures can be rough on your skin, but according to natural makeup maven, Jane Iredale, it doesn't have to be. She shared 3 Winter Skincare & Beauty Tips that anyone can follow.

  1. Double dip
    No, not a chip, but your moisturizer. Jane suggests using ultra-hydrating hand creams, foundations and applying often.
  2. Glow
    We love this one and do it ourselves. Bronzers... they aren't just for the summer. According to Jane, just adding a little bronzer will make your skin "seem alive and youthful."
  3. Take it up a notch
    Your makeup color that is. Nothing can knock out the dull and dreary of January then popping on a fun colored lipstick.

We love these tips, just as much as we love Jane Iredale's Mineral Makeup. Her "Skin Care Makeup" is free of talc, fragrance, parabens and dyes. It is pure mineral pigment that leaves a natural, seamless coverage for any look desired. You can find a wide selection of her products at Grazia Spa.

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