Why You Should Try A Charcoal Detox Spa Pedicure

Looking to smooth and detox your feet just in time for sandal season? Here's why a charcoal foot mask might be your best "black magic" product.

Activated charcoal is charcoal that has been processed to expand its surface area. While you may have heard of it being used to treat poisoning, it is also frequently used in face, body and foot masks because of it's ability to pull out toxins from the body, help clear up acne and smooth skin.

Why it's good for your feet

Activated charcoal foot masks are especially helpful with detoxing the body because your feet are one of the main centers of your body. Not only do many diseases and ailments appear on your feet before anywhere else, many people believe you can heal the body through the feet. When you use a detoxifying activated charcoal foot mask on your feet, the mixture can draw impurities from the body and skin, moisturize skin cells and stimulate your lymphatic flow and circulation. Activated charcoal foot masks also excel at absorbing odors leaving your feet especially clean and fresh.

Try it now at Grazia Skin Care Studio and Spa. Our Charcoal Detox Spa Pedicure will refresh and purify your feet with a mineral soak, scrub and charcoal mask. It is on special for March, now only $55 (reg $65).

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